Statement on John Walker

 The maxresdefaultBuffalo Anti-Racism Coalition announces its unwavering support for and solidarity with our brother John H. Walker Jr. in his decades old struggle for justice. Mr. Walker is an innocent man who spent 22 years in prison and has served the remainder of the time since his release in 1998 on parole; and, if the courts have their way, he will spend the rest of his natural life in that state of semi-incarceration and total lack of freedom. Judge James McLeod has publicly acknowledged that his conviction was not based on the evidence. Mr. Walker has stated that his conviction has remained on the books primarily to protect the reputations of powerful legal figures in Erie County. We believe this to be true; one only need look at our local legal system’s handling of Cariol Holloman-Horne and Dennis Delano Jr.; two good cops who were fired merely for being good cops. The Buffalo Police Department and the legal system of this region will never achieve credibility with its thoughtful and conscientious citizens until it begins to value truth and justice over politics. We demand his exoneration, we demand that he receives some form of compensation (though it, by definition, could never be complete), and we demand that those responsible be held accountable!


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