Buffalo Ferguson Response RallyThe Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition is devoted to the abolition of white supremacy, structural racism, and the racist attitudes and beliefs they produce. We recognize that the struggle for liberation is a collective endeavor built on solidarity. We therefore repudiate all forms of oppression, exploitation, and domination. These include but are not limited to: capitalism, patriarchy, heterosexism, and binary gender norms.

We respect the autonomy and dignity of all persons and seek to promote the well-being of all living creatures. We recognize, however, that our members are diverse in their focus and ideas about the best strategies and tactics. We are thus committed to:

(a) Avoid violence against persons.

(b) Amplify the voices of people of color and other oppressed persons.

(c) Keep discussions of strategy and tactics internal.

(d) Love and support one another through disagreements, repression and struggle.

(e) To win, because we must!


One thought on “About

  1. Yes, I am an ascendant of the people of Khemet (I don’t call it Africa because the oppressor named it that, let’s call that homeland what it is Khemet). Jane Elliot, white woman has an unique approach for all to learn from in general, and a specific message to white people so they can learn they have been lied to also and therefore they must understand what people of color are going through. She walks white people through what it feels like and helps them see the truth.Once you wake up then you can heal yourself and move forward. Also, people of color must learn the truth about the lies we have been taught so we can heal and move forward.


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