To Those That Would Pacify Black Struggle

Juneteenth, Buffalo, NY

In the lived world,  aside from the saviour fantasy of self proclaimed well meaning white people arguing that POC should not “be put in a position” of  “choosing” between “protecting themselves” and “[learning and] asserting their rights”, is the reality that we have always already had to simultaneously master the art of self protection and preservation… for us,  there is no choice..  and that skillshare in its many forms is a strong tradition for us..  There may or may not be a contradiction in learning how to get home alive and/or asserting and/or protecting legal rights.. . Regardless,  It has always under colonialism  been a critical necessity for us to struggle to master both (all? ) these objectives at the same time!  How else does anyone imagine that we’re not only still here, but still in the vanguard of struggle for liberation for all humans?! Read, really read- James Baldwin, bell hooks, Franz Fanon,  Malcolm X.. . Not as interesting theory but as what it is,  praxis… yes, it’s that hard, yes it’s that daunting,  and yes,  it’s what we people of color, especially black people, have always done, in different ways, depending on many variables, with success measured by us,  in varying ways as well.  We’re a lot smarter and stronger than we get credit for,  even, perhaps especially from white saviors that would infantilize people of colour to maintain their positions of superiority in the  non profit industrial complex.


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