Welcome to the website of the Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition. On this website, you will be able to find announcements for upcoming events and analysis of issues relating to racism in Buffalo and nationally. You can contact us at: buffaloantiracismcoalition@gmail.com. Advertisements

Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition Statement on the Disbanding of the Strikeforce

On February 9, 2018 Mayor Byron Brown announced that the Buffalo Police unit known as Strikeforce would be disbanded, effective March 12. The announcement followed months of protests by activists and organizations in the wake of the killings of Wardel “Meech” Davis and José Hernandez-Rossy. The protests have culminated in the formation of the Police … More Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition Statement on the Disbanding of the Strikeforce

Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition Statement on Blacktivist

In recent months it has become apparent that a Facebook page called “Blacktivist” was part of a coordinated disinformation campaign undertaken by operatives likely acting on behalf of the Russian government. As recent news reports have suggested, “Blacktivist” became involved in protests surrounding the death of India Cummings in the Erie County Holding Center (ECHC) … More Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition Statement on Blacktivist

Press Advisory on AG Investigation

Press Advisory and  Statements from Buffalo-Black Lives Matter Members, Supporters and Allies from Western New York Peace Center, Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition, Buffalo United Community Coalition, the Western New York Law Center and Cornell Law School December 12, 2017 Buffalo-Black Lives Matter members and supporters welcome the New York State Office of the Attorney General’s (OAG) … More Press Advisory on AG Investigation

Thoughts on Racism

by DB Absher “Some semi-random thoughts: 1) From slave revolts to abolitionism to Reconstruction to Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter, black-led anti-racist struggle has been THE great engine of social transformation in American society. In all these cases, multiracial formations have acted to destroy the most basic conceptual and material underpinnings of the American … More Thoughts on Racism

Mark Your Calendars! Millions For Prisoners Human Rights March, Aug. 19 2017 – DC

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! AUGUST 19, 2017 MILLIONS FOR PRISONERS HUMAN RIGHTS MARCH WASHINGTON DC #abolishth13th Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March on Washington August 19, 2017 to end legalized prison slavery and mass incarceration. Local Representatives & Local Organizing Committees (LOCs) are being established in cities all throughout the country. In addition to promoting the … More Mark Your Calendars! Millions For Prisoners Human Rights March, Aug. 19 2017 – DC

Statement on Proposed BPS Gender-Identity Policy

Along with many other organizations, the Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition endorses the Buffalo Public Schools’ new gender-identity policy, mandating, among other things that transgender persons be allowed to use the restrooms corresponding to their gender-identity. The Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition is dedicated to the end of racism and white-supremacy.  Furthermore, however, we assert that no change will … More Statement on Proposed BPS Gender-Identity Policy

To Those That Would Pacify Black Struggle

In the lived world,  aside from the saviour fantasy of self proclaimed well meaning white people arguing that POC should not “be put in a position” of  “choosing” between “protecting themselves” and “[learning and] asserting their rights”, is the reality that we have always already had to simultaneously master the art of self protection and … More To Those That Would Pacify Black Struggle

BARC in The News

Buffalo coalition rallies against Confederate flag June 21 2015 http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/buffalo/buffalo-coalition-rallies-against-confederate-flag-20150621 Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition: Lou DeJesus & Brandon Absher on The Public Good Jul 20, 2016 Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition Celebrates Black August 26 Aug 2015 http://thekaribunews.com/2015/08/26/buffalo-anti-racism-coalition-celebrates-black-august/ India Cummings focus of Buffalo town hall meeting on inmate rights 14 July 2015 http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/india-cummings-focus-of-buffalo-town-hall-meeting-on-inmate-rights-20160714 GOP convention protest security: Tennis balls … More BARC in The News